20 Last-minute Gift Ideas

For procrastinators, last-minute shoppers, and victims of unexpected holiday guests

December is in full swing, and it seems like you can barely unlock your phone without seeing app notifications and emails dedicated to gift-guides. These were excellent about three weeks ago, but now Christmas is upon us, and the time of leisurely shipping windows has come and gone. 

And we missed it.

In the event that you also watched the ship sail on this one, we’ve scoured the internet (read: we’ve scoured Amazon Prime and their Prime-eligible partner brands) to bring you 20 gift and stocking-stuffer ideas that are guaranteed to arrive in three days or less. If you’re worried that this is an athletic gift guide, full of expensive exercise garb and punishing fitness gear, fear not–we may have squeezed in the odd yoga mat, but besides that we’ve taken care to ensure this guide is truly for anyone you may have on your list. Just click on the image to shop!

  1. For your male relative who is curating that prosperous carpenter look
Carhartt Blanket-Lined Chore Coat – $69

Carhartt is an American mainstay in workwear, and for good reason–their clothes last decades. This version looks sharp enough to wear to dinner, but is still heavy-duty enough to wear to work (and not the desk-job kind). If you know someone that deserves a full Montana Tuxedo, you can get the matching pants here.

  1. For your dad who wanted an LL Bean flannel robe but you blew it
Flannel Bath Robe – $29.99

Hey, a 4.5-star review at a two-for-one price? This will make up for all the times you forgot to turn off the lights.

  1. For your mom who is beautiful no matter what but loves anti-aging serums, luxury creams, and various forms of witchcraft
NuFace Microcurrent Device – $149

This mini micro-current device helps lift, firm, and smooth skin via a very gentle electric current. With professional micro-current facials running up to a few hundred bucks a pop, this little guy is a steal.

  1. For your sister who only wears Lululemon but your budget is $19.99
Mesh Pocket Yoga Leggings – $19.99

These have pockets so…maybe she won’t notice?

  1. For your aunt with the green (and expertly manicured) thumb
V&A Fork and Trowel Gardening Set – $32

These are so pretty, we might put a garden box in our apartment just to justify a set for ourselves. Also check out the matching pots and shears.

  1. For your brother’s girlfriend who likes yoga, Goop, and knows everyone’s zodiac signs
Hasana Healing Crystal Water Bottle – $59

It sounds like the type of pseudoscience you’d hear from the kindly crystal peddler on the boardwalk, but crystals actually do vibrate (nerd alert: it’s due to the crystal’s molecular movement). Will those vibrations make you more centered, receptive, and kind? Studies that tested this say yes–but only if you think they will. 

  1. For your roommate/girlfriend/sister/down-the-street neighbor who is always stealing your nail clippers
Pretty Useful Tools Manicure Kit – $49

And now you can steal theirs. Hurrah!

  1. For your business partner who is always 20 minutes late (“omg traffic”) but also always has a cold brew in their hand.
Veken Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Tea Maker – $29

With a DIY cold brew press that you put in the fridge the day before, there are NO more excuses. 

  1. For your most treasured biological child whoops we mean DOG. For your dog.
Petsure Foam Dog Bed – $52

Only the best for you, you sweet angel from heaven.

  1. For your sister who has been rocking the same UGG slippers since high school
Madewell Wesley Slipper Booties – $60

Between the durable sole and the general cuteness, she could almost get away with wearing these out of the house (wouldn’t put it past her).

  1. For your yoga buddy who has overstayed their welcome on the studio’s loaner mats 

Yes…we’ve all noticed. But this extra-long no-slip mat with a cool pattern is sure to help break the habit.

  1. For your boyfriend who has been using a rusty carabiner he found in the garage as a keyring
Craighill Brass Keyring$18

These enamel and brass versions are just as convenient, three times as good looking, and much less likely to infect you with tetanus. The downside is that you can’t use them to go on a spontaneous rock climbing trip, but something tells us that’s not going to be a dealbreaker.

  1. For your other boyfriend who made it through No Shave November into No Shave December, and forecast predicts a 100% chance of No Shave January.
Men’s Society Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit – $35

First-time beard owners sometimes need a little support, and longtime beard experts will appreciate the travel-friendly accessory kit.

  1. For your girlfriend who is a shining star
Shashi Starburst Coin Pendant Necklace – $50

And she knows it, to be honest.

  1. For your cohabitor who likes music enough to play it on their phone speaker but not enough to buy themselves a decent speaker
Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $299

If you live with someone who is in the habit of putting their phone in a bowl on the coffee table and cranking the volume to full blast…this is the gift for them. And for you, because you’ve earned it. Santa sees all. 

  1. For the man in your life whose “winter shoes” are a pair of old Nikes hosed down with Scotch guard.
Sorel Madson 6 Waterproof Boots – $190

These puppies are weatherproof, real leather, and slick enough to wear to the office.

  1. For the whole family
Scrabble Vintage Bookshelf Edition – $40

There’s also a Monopoly version, though we find Monopoly to be more likely to ignite divisive, long-standing family feuds. So we’ll let you be the master of your own destiny on this one.

  1. For the daredevil who’s been flinging around a naked iPhone X
Native Union Clic Canvas iPhone XR Case – $35

The X only has a Mohs hardness rating of 6, so this case is good for when you might accidentally rub your phone against diamonds etc.

  1. For the person in your life who needs a sturdy tote bag, and/or a serious upgrade to their current manpurse
Filson Canvas Tote Bag – $195

Filson has been making top-notch garments and accessories for 122 years, and their quality is so rock-solid that this tote will probably also last for 122 years.

20. For your most favorite holiday guest

Intake Sport Kit – $33

A preorder Intake kit–we broke our own rules since this won’t arrive in time for Christmas, but Santa’s elves will be working hard to get it ready in time to hit the ground running in the new year!