How to catch a sweat (and a few laughs) in isolation

How we’re staying healthy and staying happy

It goes without saying: with all that’s going on in the world, it’s become harder to stay healthy and happy. For many of us, our lives have been upended, our livelihoods put on the line, and any semblance of normalcy so far out in the future that it’s hard to count on. To keep ourselves afloat, we’ve had to push ourselves to find new ways to stay happy and healthy, even in the face of our daily routines turning upside down.

So, here are a few of our favorite streamables that we’ve kept on rotation during these weeks of lockdown.


We’ll admit, we have a hard time keeping up with our physical health when our routines are affected. For us, so much of what we love about our fitness routine comes down to ritual: gearing up, packing our bag, heading to our favorite gym or studio, and getting on with our workout. It’s made us realize how privileged we are to be able to rely on a ritual like this in the first place, and reminded us that motivation doesn’t need specific conditions or excuses–you can find it anywhere.


Now is the perfect time to work on your flexibility, balance, and muscle recovery. When this period of isolation is finally over, you’ll be able to hit your regular workout circuit–whatever that it may be–with muscle and joint resiliency like you’ve never known.

Keenan Cornelius

BJJ is a low impact, high intensity way to work out your body and your mind–it’s like a strength-puzzle that builds your muscles, flexibility, and problem-solving skills in one fell swoop. Grab your roommate/spouse/quarantine buddy and get grappling!

Chloe Ting’s Shred Challenges

We like to think of ourselves as fairly athletic, but these 10-minute workouts are impressively tough. If you need further motivation, check out the before and after recaps featured on her channel.


It’s hard to find reasons to laugh during times like this–it can feel unfair or frivolous to seek happiness when you’re worried about the world around you, and anxious about whether you and your loved ones are going to pull through okay. But humor can be medecine too.Here are our favorite shows, movies, and specials you can stream when you just need a laugh.

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York

The standup lineup on Netflix? Not for us. Or so we thought–this Pete Davidson standup special was so funny, candid, and surprising that we’ve officially changed our minds.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A classic from the simpler times, when a day off from school was truly a day off from school and not a months-long government order.

Schitt’s Creek

We loved this show when it came out, and we love it even still. Plus, there’s something about the Rose family’s immediate change of circumstances that feels metaphorically on-par with what 2020 has dished out to most of the world so far.

What have you been streaming to keep yourself sane? Let us know in the comments below!