Our New Year’s Buying Guide

Here we are, starting out the new year more or less where we left it. Since we may still be spending more time at home than we want to, here are five of our favorite life-improving home investments—big and small—you can make this month that will give back to you all year. Just click the image caption to shop.

Research shows that standing desks can boost your metabolic burn by up to 10%, and can help stabilize blood sugar levels after eating, but staying seated is better for work tasks that require sharper focus or fine motor skills. This attachment gives you the best of both worlds without breaking the bank

Want a major upgrade from your regular HIIT or Peloton workouts? The Rogue air bike may be the only home gym investment you need. It’s sturdy and quiet, plus it can burn dozens of calories per minute (yes, per minute) and help you boost muscle tone all over your body in record time.

Missing the ambience of your favorite fitness studio or spa? We’ve got you covered. This bad boy will turn your home office into a veritable zen den (and/or keep your home gym from smelling too ripe).

It’s smokeless, it’s portable, and it’ll make winter (and summer!) hangouts in your backyard that much more enjoyable. You won’t even miss going to the bar after work.

Want to up your standing desk game? Try this swivel board—it’ll exercise your core as you work to maintain balance, and it’ll improve your circulation.