The Benefits of Sleeping Together

Sleeping next to someone you love can have a beneficial effect on the brain, body, and nervous system. Single and not ready to mingle? Don’t worry—sleeping next to a pet can have the same benefits. 

All set? Here’s how sharing your bed can boost your health—


Snuggling up with someone you care about releases oxytocin (this holds true for your furry friends, too). Oxytocin makes us feel calm and protected, and can lower stress levels that have a physical effect on the body. Plus, it helps us fall asleep more easily, giving us more time to cycle through all the stages of deep, restorative sleep. 


Sharing your bed can make you feel safer and more relaxed, lowering your body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Lower levels of cortisol help your body heal faster, and also ensure your metabolism runs efficiently (so does nose breathing, by the way, by activating your parasympathetic nervous system).


Sharing a sleep schedule with a partner can help deepen your sleep by keeping your body on a regular routine. When your body knows it’s time to rest, you’re more likely to fall asleep faster and rest more fully. Plus, you’ll have more active time to spend with your loved one during the day.


It’s no secret that consistent sleep helps boost immune function: when you get enough hours of shuteye, your body is able to restore and heal itself, and better fend off pathogens. Because sleeping next to someone can help alleviate sleep disturbances and deepen sleep, your body will be able to more effectively ready its defenses.


With the importance of bedtime routines in mind…we know we’re not the only ones who get excited to brush our teeth, take off our clothes, and hop into bed so we can throw on our Intake Bands together. It’s one of the reasons each kit comes with two bands—so you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful, snoreless sleep.