Humidifiers: Your Home’s Unsung Hero

We typically don’t notice the air we breathe unless it’s particularly good—like fresh, outdoor air—or particularly bad—like dense, smoggy city air. The air in our homes, for example, often goes unnoticed, even though that’s where we likely spend most of our time. This is where humidifiers come in: the game changing-appliance that can protect your health, one breath at a time.

Here are three ways a humidifier can help improve the air in your home—

  1. Halting the spread of viruses and bacteria: humidifiers help keep air clean and healthy. Research has found that dry air is a better host for pathogens and particulates than humidified air—in fact, it can host up to three times more germs, and also provides a better environment for viruses like the flu to survive. When air is humidified, however, the virus can’t survive as long nor spread as easily.
  2. Protecting your respiratory system: the internal nose is responsible for providing 90% of the respiratory system’s air conditioning requirement. That means temperature and humidity regulation. Breathing humidified air means your nose doesn’t have to work as hard, and can also help eliminate and prevent phlegm build up in your nose and chest.
  3. Promoting head to toe health: the body’s largest organ is the skin. Humidified air can also help protect your skin’s moisture barrier, not only making you less prone to dryness, but also warding off irritation and infection.