Drink Water

We know you know you have to

People rarely drink the right amount of water for their body each day. Most people struggle to remember to drink water, some people drink water from poor sources, and some people just don’t like drinking water. We are here to help.

Why Water?

First, we know you know you have to drink water. We also assume that you already know why you should be drinking your ’48 oz’ per day, but let’s go over it just in case.


-Carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells

-Flushes bacteria from your bladder

-Aids your digestion

-Levels your blood pressure

-Protects your organs and tissues

-Regulates your body’s temperature

-Cushions your joints

…and that’s just a few.

So why is it so difficult…?

Honestly, most people don’t drink water because it’s boring. Coffee tastes better, soda tastes better, and energy drinks are commonly used just to combat the 2 o’clock urge to nap (coincidentally this tends to happen due to dehydration). We don’t even realize we are dehydrated because our bodies don’t feel thirsty — why would they, they’ve had 3 cups of coffee! But all that sugar and caffeine is likely leading to weight gain, dehydration, anxiety, and even depression… and it’s not hydrating you properly.

What We’ve Found That Helps

If water bores you… try adding something to it that you enjoy. Lemon water is an easy option, but maybe you don’t want to carry lemons in your bag.. here are other options

Lifefuels + Infuse
That little red filled canister she is adding to the bottle above is one of dozens of delicious flavors you can add to your LifeFuels water bottle to liven up your daily water intake. Water doesn’t have to taste boring, and adding something to make it more drinkable will help you get in your daily ounces.

If you’re more of an app lover, this one’s pretty cool and user-friendly. Not only does it send reminders to drink daily, it also allows you to prioritize water intake by keeping track of it for you. You can also look back on your history, so you can find helpful correlations between days you may have felt better than others, and see if that relates to your water consumption.

Have too many water bottles and don’t want to us an app? We thought this was pretty cool. Ulla attaches to your water bottle — any shape or size— and blinks to remind you to take a sip at least once an hour. It’s fully automated and tracks when you drink to make sure you get the right amount. Plus, if you’re into personalization, they come in tons of colors and prints.