Oh S***. It’s Valentine’s Day?

Of all the Hallmark holidays, Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. Maybe it’s the aisles of cringeworthy cards and bad chocolates that start popping up the day after New Years, or the expectation and inherent dread of doing something “special.” 

But ultimately, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to celebrate your nearest and dearest, and make intentional time to share a little extra love—that’s all. 

So, before you get stuck in the rut of grocery store chocolates or a super fancy prix-fixe dinner menu, let us throw out some more unconventional ideas of how to spend your day. 

Try an Escape Room

You’ve probably done one of these around Halloween time, or with a group of friends, but does anything truly echo the entrapment of a monogamous relationship quite like being literally trapped in a near inescapable room? Just kidding, of course—but escape rooms are a fun way to work together, build trust, and Bonnie-and-Clyde your way through to the end. 

Take an Art Class

Even if (or especially if!) neither you nor your partner is artistically inclined. Search your area for one-day classes like ceramics, printmaking, collage, or a paint-and-sip. You’ll both get to experience something new, and you’ll come away with a memento to keep. 

Book a Silly Photoshoot

If making your own memento isn’t quite your speed, see if any local photographers or talented friends could set you up with a fun photo shoot. 

A Beer Crawl on Bikes

This might only be a viable idea for you fellow Californians out there, but there’s something about biking that makes your city feel a bit more special than hopping in an Uber to get from bar to bar. Even if there is a bit of standard mid-winter weather, doesn’t that make it a bit more romantic?

A Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a good massage and sauna? Hitting the spa for a few hours is an amazing way to get in some self-love and show your S.O. some love too. 

A Kundalini Yoga Class

We’ll warn you—this is a weird one. To a non-practitioner, Kundalini might feel like a particularly embarrassing form of self-punishment, but it’s so different from any other form of readily-available exercise or wellness class that it doubles as a serious bonding experience for you and whoever you bring with you. And ultimately, you’ll feel centered, cleansed, and have a story to tell your friends for weeks.