Your Summer Workout Buying Guide

Itching to get back to the gym, but also itching to not be breathing all over the weight room in the midst of a respiratory pandemic? We can relate. For the next month, we’ll be releasing a mini summer workout series to get you back on track with your exercise goals without setting foot in a gym. Check out the list below to make sure you’re all set to go–you’ll be needing these to get the most out of our workouts.


Gibbon Classic Line Treewear Slackline Set – $94.95

This is the best beginner-friendly option we’ve found at the friendliest price point, but check your local outdoor stores and favorite online retailers for other options.


Medicine Ball – various weights – $32 – $50

Choose which ever weight you’re going to find most versatile for your exercise goals and fitness level. If you’ve never purchased a medicine ball before, we think 8 to 14 lbs is a safe place to start.


Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen 30 SPF – $27.99

Opt for sunscreens that use titanium dioxide, zinc, or a combination of both. Chemical sunscreens can disrupt your endocrine system, contribute to environmental toxicity, and–while they can prevent sunburns–aren’t fully proven to prevent skin damage from harmful UV rays. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from clear or sprayable sunscreens, and opt for opaque lotions (zinc and titanium dioxide are typically white, so mineral-based sunblocks will either be white or come in various skin-hued tints).


Coolia Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Leggings UPF 50+ – $99

So, your sunblock game is strong. But did you know most clothing doesn’t protect you from harmful UV rays? Luckily, companies like Coolia make sun-protective clothing that doubles as both workout and swimwear. Plus, they have options for men, women, and kids.


Nike Metcon 5 – $97 – $130

We love a good multitasking shoe. We love the Metcon for it’s traction, lift, and durability. It’s good for indoors, outdoors, lifting, running, and high impact training, so you don’t need to switch shoes when you switch workouts.


Fit Simplify Resistance Training Bands – $17

Resistance bands are great for training and stretching, and having a set you can throw in your gym bag ensures you’ll get the most out of your workout and your recovery.


Gaiam Neoprene Hand Weights – $7 – $20

We love these because they’re nonslip, easy to transport, and so versatile. We recommend getting a set in a lower weight (around 5-10 lbs, depending on how much you usually lift) and stacking up on reps.