5 Things To Help You Travel Comfortably This Year

Honestly, air travel isn’t enjoyable anymore. Remember when our seats used to go back more than 1/4 inch? Those were the days.

Traveling with complicated airport security procedures, tiny seats, and having to pay for year old bags of pretzels is a terrible experience. Thankfully, many designers have recognized the difficulties of long-haul trips and have created solutions that you can purchase easily on the Internet. We have developed a list of must-haves for your next long-haul journey that will make the time spent in the air go by much more quickly and comfortably.

The perfect neck pillow
Ostrich’s Pillow Light is an excellent innovation. It’s unique in that it can be used as an eye mask, neck pillow, and head pillow. You may look like the third Daft Punk member with this, but who’s complaining while we’re trying to obtain some much-needed sleep on a long trip.
This cushion is known to serve as a comfortable accessory when traveling. It may be worn around the neck or wrapped over the shoulders and eyes to conceal your face.
The fabric is incredibly soft and delicate on the skin. The enclosed space creates the ideal sleeping environment, making you feel like a cocoon. One of the most inventive and successful travel pillows on the market.

The black out eye mask
We always use an eye mask when flying. A high-quality eye mask is necessary. Unfortunately we cannot control when the airline turns on the lights, when someone opens their blinds, or when someone turns on their phone flashlight. We have found that the addition of a sleep mask on a plane is essential to sleeping. In contrast to traditional eye masks, 40 Blinks’ molded foam construction follows the shape of your face, removing any strain from your eyelids and avoiding your eyelashes. It’s just as effective in reducing brightness and is twice as comfortable.

The short and sweet foot rest
If you’re 5’8 or shorter and your feet don’t reach the floor, you’ll love the airplane footrest. The idea behind it is straightforward. Adjustable straps hold the footrest to your tray table. Once set, drop your legs and enjoy the footrest’s motion and sway. Its memory foam footrest is quite comfy. Swaying and moving your legs is very relaxing in a restricted place, helps your knees, and gives you an alternative position to sit in.

The compression you need
Have you had swollen feet or ankles during or after a long flight? That can actually be dangerous, but there is something you can do. Compression socks have been shown to improve blood flow and reduce leg fatigue. There has been a significant advancement in compression socks in recent years resulting in much more cushiony and comfy options. These socks are made from merino wool, which keeps them odor-free and comfy throughout flights.

The warmth you need when the AC is blasting
We have to say — one of the worst parts of flying has to be that we cannot control the temperature in the aircraft.  Many airlines have removed complimentary blankets and compression socks, and trying to sleep while the air conditioner blasts in your face is no fun.
Campers and long road travelers generally agree that Rumpl’s Original Puffy is the best blanket available for travel. It weighs just 3.3 pounds and can be rolled into a compact drawstring bag, making it easy to stow away in a passenger’s carry-on. You get an 88” × 84” synthetic blanket to cuddle in when opened, and it’s built from the same material as high-end sleeping bags and puffy coats, so it’s warm.
Compared to the standard blankets, this one is superior in terms of comfort, size, and ease of cleaning. If you’re prepared to spend long-term, it’s an excellent product.